NDP Demands Transparency in Public-Private Partnerships; Pallister Government’s Legislation Reduces Accountability

The NDP demands that the Pallister government ensure transparency and accountability in public-private partnerships to ensure Manitobans get real value for money on government projects, NDP MLA James Allum said today.

“The Pallister government is failing to ensure that private-public partnerships are subject to public scrutiny,” Allum said. “P3 deals should not be done in secrecy or without assurance that the public’s money is being spent wisely.”

Today’s NDP will boost funding for local roads in Winnipeg

Today’s NDP will boost the province’s share for fixing Winnipeg’s road investments to $65 million a year to help fix potholes and renew local streets, Fort Garry-Riverview NDP candidate James Allum announced today.

“Part of our NDP’s vision for a connected Winnipeg means freeing up City resources to fix local roads and potholes,” Allum said. “Smoother roads mean safer drives for families and less wear and tear on your car. These investments will help us grow Winnipeg for the future.”