An Update on the NDP Commission to Establish a Safe and Respectful Political Work Environment

Dear Friends,

Last week the Manitoba NDP Executive approved a proposal to create a Commission to Establish a Safe and Respectful Political Environment. This past week was difficult, and very triggering for many people, and we acknowledge the courage of the women who have come forward and shared their experiences about sexual harassment at work. We need to do much more to ensure safety and respect for all employees, MLAs, members and others.

Our commission will have four goals:

a. To provide a safe and confidential environment for current and former employees, current or former party members, or stakeholders to share, on a voluntary basis, their experiences, either as someone who witnessed misconduct or was the subject of misconduct, towards a goal of preventing these things from happening again;

b. To identify the systemic failures of the work environment that allowed incidents of harassment and misconduct to occur;

c. To develop recommendations for the NDP to build a harassment-free environment where everyone feels safe and respected, and;

d. To provide recommendations to ensure that proper policies and protocols needed are in place to ensure that anyone who experiences harassment has a clear and supportive path to have it stopped and addressed.

The commission will begin work in the coming weeks and expects to conclude by the end of April 2018, with an interim report scheduled to be presented to the NDP convention in May 2018.

The Executive of the Manitoba NDP is working to develop a fuller Terms of Reference for the Commission, and to appoint 2 independent women commissioners to lead the process. We expect the Commission to begin its work in the very near future.

Please check back to this site for updates.

We will have more information to share in the coming days.

- Manitoba NDP