What is Mr. Pallister afraid of?

Today, in an abruptly-terminated media session, Brian Pallister again refused to make public his income tax return. As political figures all over the world are doing so, in order to show transparency in light of the Panama tax haven scandal, basic, simple questions remain for Mr. Pallister to answer:

What is Mr. Pallister afraid of?

What is in his tax return that he is hiding from the people of Manitoba?

Why is he refusing to make this tax return public?

Standing up for Manitobans

Tax reductions we've introduced over the years will save an average family with two kids $4,600 from what they would have paid the last time Brian Pallister was in government.

We're putting more money back into the pockets of over 300,000 working and middle-class Manitobans by asking the wealthiest 2% to pay a little more. We will also fight against privatizing our Crown Corporations so that Manitobans continue to have the most affordable combined Hydro, home heating and car insurance in Canada.

Brian Pallister's Record Speaks for Itself

This afternoon Brian Pallister said that his record "speaks for itself" when it comes to his hurtful words and actions against the LGBTTQ* community. His record does indeed speak for itself.

As an MP, he voted several times against equal rights for LGBTTQ* Canadians. He voted to reaffirm the Canadian Alliance definition of marriage, voted against adding sexual orientation to hate crime laws and voted against equal marriage for all Canadians. He also petitioned the House in opposition to same-sex marriage.

It's A Clear Choice

The choice has never been more clear.

On the same day that Statistics Canada released job numbers showing that Manitoba has the lowest unemployment rate in the entire country – with the best labour force growth, the best job growth and the second highest full-time job growth – Brian Pallister revealed his agenda of cuts, which will put all of this steady progress at risk.

Pallister's Plan to Privatize Child Care

The number of child care spaces were frozen the last time Brian Pallister was in government, and fees rose by up to 75% because of reckless cuts that he and his Conservative colleagues made. This is the same kind of approach that Pallister took when he voted with the Harper government to cancel the National Child Care Plan.

Now he plans to do it again, which would put child care out of reach for countless working and middle-class families.

CFS and Customary Care

Brian Pallister's approach to CFS -- which only focuses on incentives for business and ignores deeply rooted issues like intergenerational poverty and the legacy of residential schools -- is narrow-minded at best and alarming at worst.

We are also very concerned that the Liberals don't support a Customary Care model for Indigenous children. This is a monumental system change that Indigenous leaders and families across the province called for and support.

Manitoba Tourism

We're glad to see the Conservatives recognize the impact of our investments in game-changing attractions that are making people stand up and take notice of Manitoba, and creating good jobs -- like Journey to Churchill at the Zoo, the CMHR, the new Inuit Art Centre at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, improvements at the Manitoba Museum and the redeveloped Convention Centre.

Pallister's Hollow Words

Brian Pallister is pretending to be an advocate for women – but these are hollow words coming from someone who opposed marriage equality and a woman's right to choose, and who is running several candidates who hold the same regressive views.

Actions speak louder than words – and firing a staffer for calling for an inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls speaks for itself.