Statement from Health Critic Matt Wiebe on Health Care Reorganization

The Minister is making massive changes to our health care system, causing disruption and sowing confusion, based on reports the Premier refuses to release to the public. Manitobans cannot understand why these changes are being made unless the Premier and his Minister stop misleading and release the reports Manitobans paid for.

The Minister could not clearly explain how creating a new organization, shuffling responsibilities and cutting more health care professionals will result in better patient care. It appears the Premier and his Minister are attempting to avoid responsibility for the massive disruption and confusion they are causing in the health care system for patients, workers and families through a new layer of bureaucracy – on top of Pallister’s political appointee in the newly created Office of Transformation Management.

Today’s announcement leaves more questions than answers for patients, families and front-line workers -- questions about the Premier’s plans for cuts and privatization. One thing is clear: the Minister has made significant cuts to our health care system that is having a serious impact.