Statement from Environment Critic Rob Altemeyer

Today Premier Pallister announced that he was going to hire a high-priced lawyer ten months after the federal government announced its carbon plan. This is a stunt. The premier could have consulted with in-house lawyers at any time.

This is yet another serious misstep on the federal stage by our Premier. Just a few months ago, Premier Pallister claimed that the only way he could address climate change in Manitoba was if he got more health money from the federal government. That effort failed on both fronts, as Manitoba is the only province without a health deal, and we have no climate strategy either.

The premier claims he needs to learn more about the Constitution of Canada before he can act on climate change. Pallister’s stunts and antics have put at risk tens of millions of dollars in federal climate funding for jobs and the environment. Pallister did not show the public his response to the federal government today, just as he has hidden the true results of the KPMG report on our health care system. The secrecy continues as Pallister has promised a carbon tax but refuses to release his plan to Manitobans.

Pallister needs to stop the games and start making investments that support the enormous opportunities of a green energy province like Manitoba.