Pallister’s Excuses for Hiding Public Reports a Complete Fabrication

The Pallister Government is hiding their secret reports from the public, using false excuses to mask their plans for cuts and privatization, revealed NDP Finance Critic James Allum and Health Critic Matt Wiebe today.

“Brian Pallister promised every Manitoban that he would release 97% of the KPMG fiscal performance review, but broke his word and claimed that he couldn’t because the report belonged to the consultant. After misleading the public for months, we now know the premier’s claims are a complete fabrication,” said Allum.

Recent freedom of information requests reveal not only that the fiscal performance is wholly owned by the province of Manitoba but also the Government’s review of the health care system.

“The Pallister government needs to be open with Manitobans. Manitobans paid for the report and deserve to know what is in it. They are hiding this report because they don’t want the public to know the full extent of their plans for cuts and privatization. The uncertainty is causing real damage and disruption to our health care system and it needs to end,” said Wiebe.

The Pallister government has spent millions of dollars on reviews, and for months, the NDP has demanded that Brian Pallister release them to the public. In other provinces, system-wide reviews have been made available.

“Brian Pallister promised openness and transparency, but now we find his approach is concealment and deception. Brian Pallister thinks that he can just hide these reports in a desk in Costa Rica, but Manitobans deserve better,” said Allum.