Pallister Government Snubs Northern Manitoba With Failure to Invest in Water Treatment

The Pallister government has snubbed the North again with its announcement this week they will spend millions on water treatment projects in every part of the province except northern Manitoba, NDP MLAs Amanda Lathlin and Tom Lindsey said today.

“We see over and over that the Pallister government doesn’t care about the people of the North,” said Lathlin, MLA for The Pas. “People in the North have the greatest need for upgraded water treatment services. Too many families and communities don’t have access to clean drinking water and many communities need help servicing existing systems. Why is the Pallister government ignoring them?”

“This government has continually turned its back on the North,” said Lindsey, the MLA for Flin Flon. “They’re ignoring the plight of Churchill and other communities cut off by the closure of the Bay Line. They’ve cut millions in funding for northern health care. And now they are ignoring the great need for water treatment facilities all across Northern Manitoba.”

The NDP is calling on the Pallister government to actually listen to the people of northern Manitoba and help invest in their water and waste projects, the two MLAs said.