Pallister Government Breaks Promise To Reveal Results of “Value for Money Audit”

Despite promising to show Manitobans the results of his “value for money” audit of government programs, Premier Brian Pallister is now refusing to reveal any information about it, documents received by the NDP show.

“Last June, the Pallister government vowed it would be transparent and promised it would release 97 per cent of the information in the audit of government programs,” NDP MLA James Allum said today. “Manitobans paid for this audit but the premier is now refusing to release any information. He is clearly breaking his promise of transparency and accountability.”

The premier launched his “value for money” audit of all government programs last summer. The audit was done by accounting firm KPMG for $740,000 and completed before the end of 2016.

The NDP filed a request under the province’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act for copies of any and all records regarding the KPMG audit. The province informed the NDP recently that contrary to the premier’s promises no information would be released.

When the premier vowed in the Legislature on June 6, 2016, that the process would be 97 per cent open, he also said only the names of people who come forward with suggestions would remain confidential. The scope of the review, the criteria of evaluation, its findings as well as the author of the report should be made public, Allum said.

“It’s surprising and disappointing that every aspect of the audit is being kept secret,” Allum said. “If they knew ahead of time that everything was going to be kept secret, why did they promise to share 97 per cent of it with the public?”