NDP Urges Pallister Government to Commit to Progressive Measures In Throne Speech to Help Families, Create Jobs and Boost Economy: Marcelino

In this legislative session, the Pallister government must commit to real investments in health care, education, infrastructure, job creation, poverty reduction, the environment and to improving the lives of all families, especially Indigenous families, Interim NDP Leader Flor Marcelino said today.

“Manitoban families have been waiting for months to hear what plans the new Pallister government has for improving the province and its economy,” Marcelino said. “So far, the government has done nothing except launch reviews and cut program funding while almost 12,000 full-time jobs have disappeared. Manitobans deserve more from this government.”

The NDP is urging the Pallister government to:

For families:

  • Create thousands of affordable, high-quality, licensed child-care spaces; and
  • Commit to maintaining Manitoba’s affordability advantage in hydro rates, home heating and auto insurance rates.

For seniors:

  • Index the seniors education property tax credit to inflation;
  • Expand home care; and
  • Build more personal care homes.

Health care:

  • Guarantee and continue improving the public health-care system;
  • Maintain and expand QuickCare clinics; and
  • Expand addiction treatment and preventive programs.

For education:

  • Build and expand public schools across the province; and
  • Maintain the cap on post-secondary tuition fees.

For working Manitobans:

  • Commit to yearly increases in the minimum wage.

For Indigenous Manitobans:

  • Work with First Nations leaders and the federal government to improve education, housing, water and health services in First Nations communities; and
  • Work with First Nations leaders and the federal government to ensure food security in the North and in remote communities.

Poverty reduction:

  • Work with other levels of government to create more social and affordable housing; and
  • Increase benefits for people living with disabilities and people living with poverty.


  • Continue to invest in CentrePort and roads and bridges across the province;
  • Build the St. Norbert bypass and replace traffic light intersections on the Perimeter Highway with Interstate-standard interchanges;
  • Work with the City of Winnipeg to move rail lines and expand rapid transit;
  • Continue to work on the East Side Road; and
  • Fulfill Manitoba’s promise to fund one-third of the Freedom Road.

For the economy

  • Work with the federal government and other provinces on a national hydro electricity grid;
  • Work with the federal government on a national interprovincial trade agreement while ensuring Manitoba workers and entrepreneurs get a fair deal; and
  • Work with the federal government to nationalize the Port of Churchill and ensure regular train service in the North.

For the environment:

  • Commit all carbon tax revenues to creating green jobs, reducing emissions and protecting vulnerable people; and
  • Use carbon tax revenues to establish curbside composting in all 11 cities in Manitoba.

For the justice system:

  • Modernize the province’s jails and reduce the backlog in courts.

“Manitoba is falling back under the Pallister government’s do-nothing policies,” Marcelino said. “Pallister has to stop focusing on austerity and start helping Manitobans build a better province.”