Every student deserves to feel safe

Today's NDP believes that every student deserves to feel safe on campus, and we stand against all forms of sexual violence and harassment.

The recent events at Brandon University show that we have more work to do as a society to make sure sexual assault victims aren't afraid to come forward, and we are committed to doing our part.

We're proud of the work our NDP team has done so far, like making protection orders easier to get and championing paid leave for victims of domestic violence, the first legislation of its kind in North America. But we know there's more to do.

Brian Pallister has offered nothing new

Once again, Brian Pallister has offered nothing new.

His narrow approach to the economy is limited to only business interests, while excluding working people, universities and colleges, community organizations and non-profits, and Indigenous voices. He's fixated on an isolated regional trading block, instead of improving trade with the entire country.

Pallister's Distractions

Pallister's Conservatives are trying to distract Manitobans from his reckless agenda to cut health care, education, and jobs.

Our eight-year infrastructure plan is expected to create 100,000 good jobs for Manitobans. Many of them will be young people who have benefited from an apprenticeship.

It's jobs and opportunities like these that have more people moving here and more choosing to stay here to work and raise a family, and Manitoba's population went up by over 16,200 people in 2015.

Pallister wants to cut core infrastructure, putting good jobs and economic growth at risk.

Conservatives double down on their plan to cut 1.8 billion dollars from infrastructure

As expected, the Conservatives announced no new funding for municipalities today.

In fact, they doubled down on their plan to cut 1.8 billion dollars from infrastructure spending in the next six years.

The other day, the Conservative candidate at the CBC debate called important infrastructure investments like replacing the 100-year-old Louise Bridge "pet projects."

The last time Pallister had the chance, as a senior minister in the Filmon government, they raised the gas tax but cut highways investments. And now we know that he'll cut infrastructure again.

Another confusing Liberal policy announcement

Another day, another confusing policy announcement from the Bokhari Liberals—and this one is no April Fool's joke.

The Bokhari Liberals would sink $20 million into a government-run grocery store, but they want to privatize liquor sales and cancel the new Liquor and Lotteries headquarters that would bring hundreds of people downtown and help create the critical mass needed to sustain a grocery store.

That just doesn't make sense and doesn't add up.