NDP Calls on Pallister Government to Maintain Safeguards on Drinking Water Systems

The NDP is calling on the Pallister government on World Water Day to be honest about its “Red Tape” bill, which weakens reviews that safeguard Manitoba’s drinking water, said NDP Environment Critic Rob Altemeyer. While mandatory testing of water continues, the government is relaxing how frequently the systems that treat and distribute our drinking water are subject to reassessment, Altemeyer said.

NDP Calls on Pallister Government To Use Carbon Tax Revenues for Clean Buses & Cars

The Pallister government must commit to using the new carbon tax to put more electric buses and cars on Manitoba roads, NDP MLA Rob Altemeyer said today.

“Pallister will soon be receiving millions of dollars, thanks to the new federal carbon tax,” Altemeyer said. “He must commit to using some of that revenue to provide interest-free loans to municipalities and individual Manitobans for the purchase of electric vehicles to reduce climate emissions right away and save money over the long term.”

NDP will help families and businesses save money on utility bills

Today’s NDP will expand PowerSmart programs to help families and businesses save money on their utility bills, protect Manitoba Hydro from privatization, and create green jobs, NDP Leader Greg Selinger said today.

“The NDP is committed to keeping PowerSmart part of Manitoba Hydro, with a strong mandate to save people money and create green jobs,” Selinger said. “The NDP is the only party that can be trusted to keep Manitoba Hydro public to benefit everyone, not just the wealthy few.”