NDP Leader's Levee


This fall is an important time for our party. Manitobans have assigned us an important role as the Official Opposition, and there is no shortage of work to be done to hold Brian Pallister's Conservatives to account.

In addition, we are preparing for the incredibly important task of selecting our next leader. Robust engagement with members is essential for strengthening local constituencies and our grassroots activism ahead of Convention 2017.

Raise the minimum wage!

On October 1st, Manitoba's minimum wage was frozen. Pallister's Conservatives have refused to raise it and are siding with big business and corporations over low-income families.

This is the wrong direction for Manitoba.

Move the Rails

It's time to move the railways!

Rail Relocation Petition

"...it is pretty easy to see that a debilitating partisan grudge is at the heart of this decision." - Winnipeg Free Press, September 10, 2016

Instead of working collaboratively with our public and private sector partners, the Conservative government cut the railway relocation study.

Our federal and municipal governments disagree with Mr. Pallister. Mayor Brian Bowman has joined federal MPs and non-profit organizations in their calls for a study to determine how much removal or relocation would cost.

JOB POSTING – Communications & Fundraising Organizer

The Manitoba NDP is hiring a Communications and Fundraising Organizer. This position reports to the Provincial Secretary and has the following responsibilities:

  • Implementing, coordinating, and monitoring all communications for the Manitoba NDP. This includes but is not limited to website, media, membership, fundraising, Conventions, social media
  • Support and ongoing development of Party website
  • Weekly communication with members